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Expedite the servicing of inforce policies and contracts for advisors and clients with an intuitive and in-good-order experience, saving time, money and effort.

Enhance Your Post-Sale Services Experience

Why FireLight Post-Sale Services

FireLight® Post-Sale Services provides a single and multi-carrier solution that electronically streamlines the data collection, signature capture and submission process for any inforce policy or contract change requests, delivering an enhanced post-sale experience for advisors and clients. With robust features, including a powerful rules engine, intuitive user experiences, and built-in e-signature, FireLight makes it quick and easy for advisors and clients to e-submit in-good-order policy change requests. Efficiently manage and support post-issue transactions with FireLight Post-Sale Services.

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Modernize Servicing

Efficiently streamline your post-issue support services for non-financial and financial inforce policy contract changes across all lines of insurance and retirement business, delivering an easy, fast and in-good-order post-sale experience.

  • Beneficiary, Address and Marital Status
  • Fund Rebalancing
  • Banking Updates
  • Withdrawal and Surrenders
  • Rider Changes
  • Loan Requests
  • Claim Notifications
  • Advisor/Agent Changes
  • And more…

Post-Sale Services

FireLight Post-Sale Services provides the flexibility and robust platform features to deliver seamless experiences for advisors and clients to quickly submit policy change requests, efficiently advancing how inforce contracts are serviced and processed.

  • Any post-sale transaction for life, annuity, long-term care and more
  • Customized branded experiences and channel access points
  • Inbound data integration for pre-fill capabilities
  • Flexible outbound file format and endpoint support
  • Intuitive data capture and e-signature experiences
  • Data, rules, workflow and review management
  • Case creation and transmission to the client for digital completion
  • User interface options for call centers, producers and clients
  • Reflexive questioning and data validation
  • Complete electronic audit trail
  • Automated electronic client correspondences
  • Custom data integration with carrier’s back-office and admin systems
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Digitalize Inforce Services

Discover the advantages of FireLight Post-Sale Services:

  • Advances post-sale support services for advisors and clients
  • Supports any inforce policy no matter line of business or its origin
  • Increases back-office efficiency, reducing time and cost
  • Automates electronic correspondences to policyholders
  • Facilitates in-good-order and auditable post-sale processes
  • Supports unique processes with tailored outbound feeds
  • Generates insight into new opportunities for advisors

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