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Maximize sales opportunities with a cohesive insurance sales illustration solution that enables agents and advisors to illustrate and sell products quicker.

Sell More with Increased Illustration Accessibility

Why FireLight Sales Illustration

FireLight® Sales Illustration is a single entry, multi-carrier, multi-product solution enabling advisors and producers to quickly produce compliant and compelling illustrations from different carriers, providing a cohesive and simplified sales process. FireLight Sales Illustration provides carriers with a flexible and configurable solution to efficiently support multiple lines of business, diverse sales channels, and various selling and buying methodologies. Illustrations produced in FireLight can be connected to a FireLight e-Application and even e-Signed for a complete sales order submission, enhancing the way agents and advisors sell insurance and retirement products and quickly meet clients’ needs. Maximize sales opportunities with FireLight Sales Illustration.

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Enhance Opportunities

Expand sales opportunities by delivering a streamlined experience for agents and advisors to quickly access and produce compliant sales illustrations for multiple lines of business from various carriers through one cohesive sales illustration solution.

  • Any Line of Business and Product Type
  • Individual New Business
  • Compliant and Compelling Illustration Output
  • Product Based, Needs-Based and Outcome-Based Selling
  • Product Information

Sales Illustration

FireLight Sales Illustration delivers a single-code-base solution with robust platform features that supports multiple sales channels, products, processes and experiences, advancing how retirement and insurance solutions are accessed, illustrated and sold.

  • One solution for all lines of business and products
  • Single and multi-carrier solution
  • Branding and multiple presentation options
  • Consistent and intuitive user experiences
  • Single code base for online and mobile access
  • Robust self-service and testing tools
  • Multiple calculation engine implementation options
  • Seamless data flow with other FireLight activities
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Maximize Sales

Discover the advantages of FireLight Sales Illustration:

  • Enhances product accessibility, visibility and sales opportunities
  • Provides one location to run and save multiple illustrations
  • Supports different sales models and various sales channels
  • Enables agents and advisors to sell various lines of business on one system
  • Delivers a complete digital sales experience
  • Drives reusability, efficiency and reduces costs
  • Empowers product-based, goal-based and needs-based selling
  • Distributes cohesive sales experiences across products

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