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Accelerate the application data collection and submission process for advisors and consumers with an intuitive e-application solution that adapts to existing processes and multiple workflow requirements.

Advance In-Good-Order Business Processing

Why FireLight e-Application

FireLight® e-Application is a multi-carrier, uniquely flexible electronic application, e-ticket, order entry sales solution that manages the application data collection and submission process, generating in-good-order business processing. FireLight e-Application supports ANY line of business and ANY product type for new business, replacement, and subpay processing. With intuitive user experiences, a powerful rules engine, mobile access, built-in e-signature and robust platform features, FireLight e-Application makes processing business anytime, anywhere, quick and easy. Automate and accelerate your sales with FireLight e-Application.

Insurance IGO eApp

In-Good-Order Business

Create a simplified and accelerated sales process across all lines of business for advisors and consumers with advanced electronic business processing capabilities that support carrier and distributor requirements on one cohesive e-application solution.

  • New Business
  • Replacement/1035 Exchanges
  • Subpay Processing
  • Carrier Applications and e-Tickets
  • Distributor Back Office Compliance and Suitability Forms
  • License and Appointment Check
  • Suitability Scoring
  • Reg 60 and Similar State and Industry Regulation Support
  • E-Signature
  • Suitability Workflow and Review Queues


FireLight e-Application capabilities with robust platform features provide carriers and distributors the flexibility and tools to advance the way advisors engage clients and capture business while simplifying back-office business processes.

  • One solution for Life, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Med Sup and more
  • New, replacement, and subpay processing
  • Single sign-on and data integration
  • Carrier and distributor workflow and approval management
  • Branding and multiple user experience options
  • Multiple native signature and e-signature options
  • Connected, disconnected and mobile app accessibility
  • Client fill and sign options
  • Electronic Funds Transfer capabilities
  • Flexible file formats for outbound and inbound data feeds
  • Direct brokerage account integration for money settlement
  • Electronic audit trail and usage reporting
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IGO e-App
Insurance e-Signature and eApp

Advance Your Sales

Discover the advantages of FireLight e-Application:

  • Generates in-good-order (IGO) sales regardless of product complexity
  • Supports unique workflows and document requirements
  • Improves productivity and reduces operational costs
  • Optimizes anytime sales access with mobile sales capabilities
  • Automates suitability, regulatory and compliance processes
  • Accelerates policy issuance time
  • Provides application and sales analytics

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FireLight® e-Application Video

All Lines of Business and Product Types

New, Replacement And Subpay Processing

Process new business, replacement, and subsequent premium processing on one solution. FireLight® supports money settlement through the DTCC for full-settling members of DTCC’s National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) for new business and subpay transactions.




Product, Data Collection and Application Management


iPad FireLight e-Application App

Connected, Disconnected and Mobile Accessibility

Single Sign-On and Data Integration


Back Office Workflow and Approval Management

Built-In e-Signature

Intelligent Data Entry and Reflexive Questioning

Administration Self-Manage Tools

Electronic Audit Trail and Usage Reporting

Firelight Access User Management Tool