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Illustrate Annuities, Life and More with One Solution

Optimize sales with intuitive insurance illustration software to create compliant and compelling new business and inforce illustrations that highlight your product uniqueness.

ForeSight life insurance illustration software supports all lines of business from a single interface

One System - All Lines of Business - Connected/Disconnected

Why ForeSight

Annuity & Life Insurance Illustrations

ForeSight® aligns illustrations with the way insurance and retirement solutions are sold. ForeSight is an intuitive and responsive point-of-sale insurance illustration software solution that supports key aspects of the sales process for multiple lines of business and product types across diverse distribution channels. With robust rules and pre-built sales tools, ForeSight delivers a dynamic and guided sales illustration process, producing compliant and compelling illustrations for annuities, life, long-term care and more. Highlight your product differentiators and provide a clearer picture to prospective and existing policyholders with ForeSight.

Empower Your Distribution

ForeSight insurance sales illustration software solution enhances the marketing and selling of all insurance and retirement products by providing robust sales capabilities that enable advisors to quickly access and showcase your product strengths and provide holistic financial solutions that meet clients’ needs.

  • New Business and Inforce Illustrations
  • Single and Multi-Product Illustrations
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Needs Analysis
  • Quoting
  • Product Information
  • Calculations
  • Sales Tools and Templates
  • Needs Based and Composite Selling

Insurance Sales Illustrations

Leverage the robust features of ForeSight sales illustration software to get products to market faster, while advancing the way distribution promotes and sells your products.

  • Individual, voluntary group and multi-life illustrations
  • Supports multiple product lines, including universal life, variable universal life, whole life, term life, fixed annuities, indexed annuities, variable annuities, disability, and more
  • Single, compare and composite illustrations
  • Intuitive and responsive user interface
  • Online, offline and mobile sales access
  • Compliant, compelling and graphical product output
  • Responsive calculations and multiple graph views
  • Built-in advanced sales concepts
  • Integrations with third-party systems
  • Customizable to match your brand and business
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Maximize Sales Opportunities

Discover the advantages of ForeSight insurance illustration software:

  • Supports diverse channel, product and process requirements
  • Makes simple and complex products and benefits transparent
  • Enables branding and content management across channels
  • Delivers mobile and intuitive sales experiences
  • Simplifies cross-selling and product blending
  • Gets new products to market faster and increases speed to issuance
  • Provides scalability to progress with regulatory changes
  • Reduces operational costs and maximizes reusability

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