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Deliver a superior annuity sales and buying experience to advisors and customers with the FireLight® sales platform and ForeSight® enterprise illustrations.

Annuity Digital Sales Tools to Support the End-to-End Customer Sales Journey

Image showing the steps in the annuity insurance sales journey - risk analysis, quote, illustrations, annuity application, annuity insurance policy review, annuity insurance policy issuance, , annuity insurance policy payment, annuity insurance policy changes.

Annuity Software for All Sales Needs

Now more than ever, it is vital for carriers, distributors and advisors to have annuity software and sales capabilities that support their unique business processes and multiple sales channel needs. The insurance and retirement sales environment has changed. Digital sales and inforce contract servicing are here to stay. Insurance Technologies sales solutions enable your advisors to provide annuity products that best meet client needs and build lasting relationships with clients online and in person. From initial needs determination and suitability scoring to illustrations, through e-Application submission and delivery of annuity contracts to servicing, we have the tools your firm needs to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings. Grow new sales opportunities while gaining operational and sales efficiencies with the most trusted annuity software solutions.

Images of FireLight Annuity Insurance Software Sales UI

Support All Annuity Products

Our suite of annuity software solutions makes it simple to market, sell and support any annuity product of any level of complexity. Insurance Technologies solutions are with you throughout the entire annuity sales lifecycle from account opening and needs capture through order entry and post-sale servicing.

  • Variable Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Fixed-Indexed Annuities
  • Immediate Annuities
  • Deferred Annuities
  • And more...

Streamline the Customer Journey

The advisors and customer sales journey is changing. Shifting demographics, changes in consumer buying behaviors and expectations, and an acute need for digital engagement has upended processes for carriers, distributors and advisors alike. FireLight and ForeSight enable you to deliver annuity products and sales and buying experiences customers want while increasing operational and sales efficiencies.

Annuity Illustration Software on laptop and Illustration output examples
Best Interest Annuity Sales Software

Robust Third-Party Integrations

It is vital for annuity software solutions to be able to “speak to” one another and fit within your internal and external processes. Our annuity sales automation solutions have various base and custom integrations with front-end web technologies, CRM systems, third-party data solutions, brokerage systems, license and appointment verification solutions and more, connecting sales data and creating streamlined and cohesive experiences.

Annuity Software for Modern Sales Experiences

Insurance Technologies annuity software solutions were developed to support your various sales channel, regulatory and distribution needs today and tomorrow. Dive deeper into the FireLight end-to-end sales platform and the ForeSight enterprise illustration solution to discover how best-in-class technology can support your company in meeting consumer expectations and ever-evolving insurance industry advancements.

IGO Electronic Application and Insurance Sales

Sales Platform for Annuities

FireLight is an end-to-end sales platform for annuities that automates and accelerates the way business is captured, delivered, and supported across all product types, on one platform. Simplify the process, deliver IGO applications and business processing, and enhance the selling and buying experience of annuities and other insurance and retirement solutions when and where the sale needs to happen. Gain rapid speed to market and frictionless electronic sales processes with FireLight.

Insurance Illustration Software and Insurance Sales

Annuity Illustrations

ForeSight is the leading annuity illustration solution that creates accurate, compelling and compliant annuity illustrations for new business and inforce, both hypothetical and historical illustrations, for individual, voluntary group and multi-life – anywhere, anytime. Support your diverse distribution channels and digital annuity sales with robust features and rules, pre-built sales tools and concepts, quick and real-time calculations, and customized experiences of ForeSight.


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