Modernizing Annuity Application and Review Processing with FireLight®

Advisors Excel Creates Better Experience for Advisors and Achieves Streamlined Application and Advanced Review Processing with FireLight®.

As a leading independent marketing organization serving advisors nationwide, Advisors Excel strives to continuously advance their offerings and the overall sales process for their independent financial advisors, including providing modern technology solutions and digital sales experiences. Despite already having a software solution in place, Advisors Excel was still processing a lot of paper applications, primarily due to a lack of adoption and existing solution capabilities—a situation that was not conducive to growth.

That’s when they turned to FireLight®. The company realized they could improve their back-office efficiency and front-end sales experience by tackling a few key areas of their annuity application and review process.

Leveraging FireLight, Advisors Excel has achieved over 95% e-Signature adoption, significantly decreased application review time, reduced submit-to-issue time by 5-7 days, and more.

FireLight eliminates paper processing and speeds review process

Download the case study to learn how Advisors Excel has created a complete and intelligent annuity e-Application and review process with FireLight—making business easier and faster for their advisors

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