Digitalizing Paper Application Processing with FireLight®

FireLight Helps American Equity Save Time and Boosts Accuracy of Application Entry for New Business Team

Though submissions of electronic applications are growing at a steady rate, insurance carriers like American Equity continue to receive paper applications through various sales channels. Keying in paper applications by hand, however, is incredibly time-consuming for new business teams. Even with advances in scanning and other technologies, keying in data often requires navigating back and forth through scanned paper applications repeatedly in search of data points required by policy administration platforms.

American Equity realized they could create a better experience for their team, increase their efficiency, reduce the inevitable errors that come with any manual process and expedite the application process--all with FireLight.

American Equity estimates their new business team saves 8.5 hours each week by using a FireLight-driven one-to-one data entry experience.

Find out how they did it by reading the full case study.

Digital Insurance Application Processing

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