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Signal Advisors Brings Technologies Together with FireLight Embedded to Create a Connected and Unified Sales Experience for their Insurance Professionals

Signal Advisors, a leading distributor of annuities and life insurance and one of the fastest growing IMOs in the United States, partnered with Insurance Technologies to create an intuitive e-Application experience. After successfully implementing FireLight e-Application, Signal Advisors decided to take the insurance professional experience to a new level. Signal Advisors embarked on a new initiative to use embedded technology to give insurance professionals a single platform experience.

The goal: to build the experience insurance professionals want by using best-in-class technologies.

At the time, Signal Advisors handled nearly 100% of their applications with FireLight via single sign-on. However, insurance professionals had to leave the Signal platform to complete their e-Application in FireLight. Signal Advisors wanted to build an even deeper level of integration. They wanted to provide an ecosystem of integrated solutions within a unified platform experience. That is when they approached Insurance Technologies.

To create a workflow solution inside their platform, Signal Advisors used FireLight Embedded APIs to embed FireLight functionality right inside the Signal platform. The result: a single location to complete and submit an application, manage commissions, track marketing expenses and more with a consistent user experience.

Download the case study to learn how Signal Advisors transformed a clunky, cumbersome process into a truly seamless experience.

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